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Sync Center errors between Vista and Server 2003

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  • Sync Center errors between Vista and Server 2003

    I've got a small windows network that is moving, slowly but surely, to vista. Our servers and workstations are members of a Windows 2003 R2 AD with a schema updated to support Exchange 2007 SP1 (which is running on Server 2008 SE). On our fileserver (running Server 2003 SE SP1), if I attempt to use Offline files, I get an error for every single file that states "the process cannot access the file because the file is in use". There are two of us right now using Vista desktops - both running Vista Business x86 SP1. Both of us get this error message when attempting to enable Offline files. If I create a share on our Server 2008, however, and then enable offline files - Sync Center reports no errors, and will update and change status with no problems.
    Is there some sort of odd interaction between Vista and pre-R2 Server 2003? This is a frustrating problem, because the only document I've seen recording this mentions a hotfix for pre-SP1 vista users. I had tried it before installing SP1, and I still could not get the Sync Center to work, so I think there is something else going on.
    It's fine if it's an issue between server versions - at some point (once I've verified that the applications that are running on the file server will run under 2008 ) all of the servers in our domain will be upgraded to 2008. I am simply trying to find out if I should stop trying to troubleshoot this problem until that day comes.

    Thanks very much,