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Windows Remote Assistance broken in Vista?

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  • Windows Remote Assistance broken in Vista?

    Windows Vista Business
    HP Business Desktop, 2gb RAM, Intel Core2Duo 2.33GHZ

    I've only been using this for less than a month and I can no longer offer remote assistance to other Vista Clients. I can still offer remote assistance to Windows XP clients.

    Whenever I try to offer remote assistance to a Vista client, it comes up with Your offer to help could not be sent, check the following: Do you have the correct permissions on the remote computer?Is the remote computer turned on and is it conncted to the network? Is there a network problem?

    Event Viewer comes up with something more sisnister:

    There was a problem interacting with COM object 833E4010-AFF7-4AC3-AAC2-9F24C1457BCE. An outdated version might be installed, or the component might not be installed at all.

    There isn't much on the interntet about this so I thought someone within this comunity must have come across this issue to offer some help, thanks for your help in advance.

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    Re: Windows Remote Assistance broken in Vista?

    A google gave this:

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      Re: Windows Remote Assistance broken in Vista?

      I saw this in my previous search but it talks about inability to use Windows Remote Assistance From Vista (Expert) to XP (Novice). My computer can do this, but it's when I try to use the RA feature on a client running a Vista PC that I get the error message, So the link is addressing a different issue.