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Protecting the momory (was: Ram)

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  • Protecting the momory (was: Ram)

    Hi, I am wondering about how to protect the memory.

    I am aware that some programs I use access the memory of other programs and alter it for their own needs, I am hoping to stop this. It is not malicious but annoying.

    I don't mind programs being able to read the memory of other programs but not tamper with it.

    Thanks for any assistance.

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    Re: Ram

    DUH ?!?
    What programs do you use that manage to alter other program's memory space?
    AFAIK, applications are not allowed even to read, even less alter other application's allocated memory. This is the main reason behind the GPFs and BSODs...
    AFAIK, what do you ask is the job of the OS to manage, not some kind of external application. And if you are talking about OS, how is this question related to Vista? Are you working on Vista?

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      Re: Ram

      Yeah I am on vista.. and yes it's possible for programs to read RAM.


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        Re: Ram

        Perhaps you need to explain more clearly what you are talking about. I don't understand what you are asking. Thanks.
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