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rdp on vista thru ssl-vpn fortinet

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  • rdp on vista thru ssl-vpn fortinet


    I've been trying to conect to my work net via a ssl-vpn fortinet conection.After solving a problem how to install a vpn client on my vista now i'm trying to find the way to my rdp start working.On my ssl-vpn interface i can see the link "up" and then i try to conect to my work server.Wait and wait and nothing happens.
    In another computer at home,with xp pro,there are no problems at all.
    Must be a security issue on vista that is blocking my conection.Any idea?

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    Re: rdp on vista thru ssl-vpn fortinet

    are you using the internal or external IP for RDP?
    can you ping anything inside your network?
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      Re: rdp on vista thru ssl-vpn fortinet

      I use a internal ip.I do have ping when using the ssl-fortinet interface(they have a tool for checking conection) but if i try pinging from cmd, i get he request timed out answer.


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        Re: rdp on vista thru ssl-vpn fortinet

        Hi guys,
        sorry to ruin your hopes, after spending a lot of my hours (banging my head against the wall) trying to make vista work with the VPN, i found this post on Fortinet's site:
        It basically states that currently, Vista supports Web Mode only, meaning you won't be able to use RDP or other useful things you can do in 'sane' OS's like XP.
        the reason for this is that Vista isolates the VPN to be active only within the explorer window boundaries.
        A nice workaround I found (I'm so proud!) is to configure your Fortinet web page to give you a link to the Java application it supports - like built in RDP or HTTP access to machines on your work environment or just use the RDP TO HOST option without activating the SSL VPN.
        It sucks, but its working...


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          Re: rdp on vista thru ssl-vpn fortinet

          What version of Vista are you running?