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  • MS Loopback Adapter

    I want to add MS loopback adapter in Vista 64. I go the Add Hardware wizard and select network Adapters and when I click next Microsoft is not listed as manufacturer. I also tried right clicking under Device manager and choose Add Legacy hardware but same thing. Can anyone tell me how to add a loopback adapter in Windows VIsta 64?

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    Re: MS Loopback Adapter

    i know how to make one with an RJ-45 crimp, a section of 8 pair UTP, and a crimping tool... if that helps.

    you can use the "devcon" tool to manually add hardware via the cmd line.

    you can download devcon here.

    now use the instructions to install the netloop.inf and you should be set.
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      Re: MS Loopback Adapter

      Thanks james for the reply. When i use devcon under I386 folder I get devcon failed. I tried the ia64 version and I get error message that file is valid, but is for a machine type other than the current machine


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        Re: MS Loopback Adapter

        Seeing as the file is as old as it is....

        Did you try running it with admin privileges?