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Vista rdp to XP printer issue

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  • Vista rdp to XP printer issue

    Hello everyone,

    I searched the FAQ, so if I missed it, please excuse me.

    I am having a problem with a client, where they have Vista Pro at home and rdp into an XP Pro machine at their office. They cannot print to their local printer. When I say cannot print, I mean the printer doesn't appear as a selection. I have verified that local printing is selected. I can rdp into their office with my xp machine and have no problem printing locally.

    So my first thought is their XP host machine needs to have a Vista print driver installed to service their local printer. Am I correct in my thinking? If so I don't seem to be able to figure out how to install a Vista print driver on an XP machine.
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    Re: Vista rdp to XP printer issue

    Several possibilities:
    • Is the "connect local printers" option selected in RDP at the client end?
    • Is "connect local printers" disabled at the host end (unlikely since it is XP Pro)?
    • Are separate Vista drivers needed for this particular printer or will Vista work with the default XPetc drivers?

    OK, you have checked item 1 and 2, so I would get the Vista drivers installed and see what happens
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      Re: Vista rdp to XP printer issue

      Thanks for the input..

      It would seem the XP host should get the driver from the Vista client when the RDP connection is made. I checked the system event log on the XP host and it was failing to load the driver. I then checked to see if there was another versioan of the Vista driver available for download. There wasn't, so I then checked the Vista printer HCL and discovered the printer wasn't listed. I was surprised to find virtually no Epson printers on the list.

      I then asked my client what other available printers they may have... and discovered they had a spare HP laserjet 1100 at their office, which was on the Vista and XP HCL. I walked the client through adding an HP laserjet 1100 to her "installed printers" on the Vista client machine and then had her RDP into the XP Host and look under the "installed printers", and sure enough the HP 1100 on the Vista client showed up as the default printer. I then RDP'd into the XP host from my office and looked at the system event log and it showed the driver had loaded so it would seem it was simply a compatibility issue with the previous printer.

      My client will have her husband bring home the HP1100 from their office and hook it up to her Vista machine later today. I don't expect to have any problem with it working.

      Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post.

      BTW, to anyone that caught it, I noticed in my previous post I referred to her client OS as Vista Pro when I meant to say Vista Business.


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        Re: Vista rdp to XP printer issue

        Very nice info - something that I would not have thought would be a problem but apparently it is.

        I recommend that this be made a sticky!