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  • Sp1 Rc1....

    OK, so I installed SP1 RC1 - and almost freaked.

    My NIC icon on the system tray shows me as disconnected - and yet, I am connected (and typing right now here !)....

    I was freaking out badly, trying to find why it was down, looking in device manager for disabled devices, looking for broken drivers, looking for anything....

    and then I noticed Skype is logged in...and weather watcher...and WLM, and MySpaceIM....

    Man, did I jump that gun.

    Another issue: My system rating has disappeared, my processor and memory specs show up as not available, and the stupid SP1 reset my patched theme files so I had the full Vista glass effect, even in maximized windows....


    *grumbles to self about the iniquities when dealing with M$*

    Ahhh, well. Yesterday WLM was showing me as disconnected when in fact I was logged in - why not my NIC?

    Any one have any ideas, or have I already missed posts on this issue?

    *runs off to see this 300% networks speed improvement....*

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    Re: Sp1 Rc1....

    The NIC system tray icon is fixed.

    The other 2 issues remain.


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      Re: Sp1 Rc1....

      How did you fix that NIC issue?

      Daniel Petri
      Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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        Re: Sp1 Rc1....

        Sorry, Daniel

        I should have specified that it fixed itself. After a reboot it was working fine - for some reason, though, until that reboot (which was not a normal reboot as part of the SP1 installation process, but an actual unplanned, unneeded and extra reboot that I tried out of frustration), I think the icon was simply showing me the status of the Bluetooth dongle I had attached.

        However, I have a really big problem - I have MSCONFIG set to give me a normal startup but have set the OS Boot information and No GUI boot selections as default boot settings - pre SP1 this would take seconds, and it refreshed the screen almost as fast as loading the drivers and such, but now it loads each and refreshes the screen one line at a time - IOW, after the screen gets full (and those are not displaying at full speed) it loads another and displays the changes one line at a time - as if the refresh speed is extremely slow - but I watch my HD activity light and it only lights every time a new item is added to the bottom of the list - so the entire computer is actually running this that slowly.

        I will try going back to GUI boot and / or removing OS info and seeing if it boots any faster.