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vista boot on a usb storage key

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  • vista boot on a usb storage key


    I ve seen how works Wim files, Windows AIK, winPe !
    I have done a winpe cd with imagex tool.
    I wish to create a preinstallation environement with an antivirus (GDATA), all on a usb key (4 Go)
    Is it possible ? if yes, how can i proceed ? and so, do antivirus update on the key.

    USB (4 Go) <= WINPE 2.0 + ANtivirus GDATA + Update GDATA + TCPIP + DHCP + explorer.exe

    Thank's !
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    Re: vista boot on a usb storage key

    you do it the same way you did the WinPE image...

    but instead of burning it on a disk, you put it on a key.

    you can use GRUB to create a bootloader to point to the new image on the key, and viola. or LILO or any other bootloader creator type program.

    on a side note:

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