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Virtual Drive Issue

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  • Virtual Drive Issue

    Hello, I really hope someone can help me. I have tried MagicIso, Daemon, CloneDVD and all of them have the same problem: they not create drives. Programs installs all right, you can launch them in tray and thats it. When you go to Computer there is no virtual drive. Does anybody had the same issue? Please help.
    P.S Sorry for my English

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    Re: Virtual Drive Issue

    Ummm, if you tried Daemon Tools, *yes* it does create virtual drives.

    To be specific, it creates a single drive, and runs in the System Tray so you can enable options, like SecureRom bypassing, and add extra drives, up to 4 of them.

    *BUT* - the caveat is that you have to run the installer to install Daemon Tools, and then it will tell you that the system needs rebooting - reboot, and then you have to run the installer *again*. The fist install only installs the SPTD files necessary to create the virtual SCSI drive layers, but for some reason after a reboot, the installer does not start again on Vista - I think it might have to do with Vista's security.

    I have not tried the other programs so I cannot help you with those - but DT, versions 4.09, 4.09HE and 4.10 *all* work in Vista, and quite successfully, I might add.


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      Re: Virtual Drive Issue

      Virtual drives do not come with Magic ISO, you need to download another piece of software called MagicISO Virtual: