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    I have 2 wifi connections :
    - realtek in the motherboard
    - Linksys Wireless-G

    Sometimes and I don't no why, on or both are "Access : local only". I have a cable modem linked to a router Linksys WRT54GL.

    I tried to use the hotfix : KB930517

    But no change.

    Any Idea ?

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    Re: Local only

    Can you provide us with more information? Such as wireless settings, channels etc?


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      Re: Local only

      So from your post you have two wireless cards?

      I would configure just one to work with your AP (access point) and disable the other completely. I would also check that the device is using windows zero configuration to connect to the wireless points as I have heard of countless instances of the built-in AP tools that some wireless providers using causing issues connecting.

      Check that your wireless card isn't going to sleep by setting the power options on the device to never turn off (this can be done in device manager)

      Other than that, check your channels aren't being interfered with, check your security settings and the like to.

      Linksys routers are usually pretty stable. Ive had a few instances of my dlink at home going a bit crazy until I flashed the firmware