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Vista Desktop Icons Randomly Change

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  • Vista Desktop Icons Randomly Change

    I have added a number of document or website link shortcut icons to my Vista computer desktop - some are in folders containing a group of shortcuts.

    I have changed the folder and shortcut icons from the standard explorer icon to more meaningful ones which are stored on my hard drive as ico files.

    However - for no apparent reason - after being stable for a few days, certain icons randomly revert to the explorer icon. Right clicking on the desktop and selecting "Refresh" has no effect. After a reboot - the icons may - or may not - correct themselves. It is worth noting that it is only the icons I have allocated that randomly change and it is not always the same ones. Icons associated with programmes seem to be OK. (Word, Excel, Acronis, Nero etc)

    If I right click on the faulty ones and select "properties" the heading of the web document tab still shows the correct icon even though the actual one on the desktop has changed - I have to go through the procedure of changing the icon all over again to get the specific icon back on the desktop.

    A couple of weeks ago (for other reasons) I had to do a refomat of my C: drive and do a clean installation of Vista Ultimate. I hoped that this would result in the icon problem being resolved - but it is back again.

    I have searched the Microsoft knowledge base in vain.
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    Re: Vista Desktop Icons Randomly Change

    I do not have and answer however it was discussed here too.
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      Re: Vista Desktop Icons Randomly Change

      I appreciate your response - but my situation is slightly different. I am referring to the icons that appear on my desktop - and not necessarily those that show in explorer.

      If I change an icon by right clicking on the desktop icon and properties etc - the explorer icon will also change which gives the impression they are directly linked.

      However - when the desktop icons inadvertently change, the icons in explorer sometimes remain correct. The behaviour is inconsistent and I have not been able to detect a common denominator.


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        Re: Vista Desktop Icons Randomly Change


        I have noticed something a bit strange about the Vista Desktop, though not the same problem as you have, but perhaps related.

        I have the normal icons from the old XP desktop showing (the My Documents, Computer, etc) but for some reason whenever I add a program and it creates a shortcut, the shortcut gets added immediately below the 1st icon (the one that used to be My Documents in XP and is now my \users\{loginname} folder. I have to manually move each shortcut to the end of my 2 columns after the first reboot, and more than once, upon installing a new program, both the new program and an older program's icons revert back to the same position - right under my Users folder.

        I wonder if it has to do with the limited number of folder customizations in Vista - I know of several different 'tweaking' programs that allow to increase that number of folder customizations to remember from the default value (500? I think) to whatever, but since I have replaced a lot of the icons on my desktop with Shell Namespace (?) icons (Icons that are created via the registry, as opposed to shortcuts / links, all of which have no text associated, for a cleaner looking desktop - see and the problem seems to have gone away - at the same time, though, I have also removed the original XP style Icons off my desktop as the Namespce icons have replacement for all of them (Recycle Bin, IE, etc), so that may be a factor as well....