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Vista Broadband problems

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  • Vista Broadband problems

    Does anyone know of problems using email with the Wonderful Vista? If so how did they mange to cure the problems. I know of instances where users can only use Broadband email one way with the UK servers Sky and BT and I understand it is only in the past month or so Orange have been able to claim their Broadband now works OK on both 32 and 64 Bit CPUs.

    In the case of the Sky server the problem could only be solved by using Hotmail.

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    Re: Vista Broadband problems

    You should be able to properly configure your email client, in the case of Vista's client, Windows Mail, you should set it up for the proper POP3 or IMAP servers and it should work fine. I really don't think Vista has anything do to with sending or receiving email. As long as you have the proper Incoming and Outgoing servers configured with the correct Ports, you should be able to send and receive email fine.


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      Re: Vista Broadband problems

      From the sound of it, you're using a UK-based ISP. Do you have Windows Firewall correctly configured?

      I've been using Outlook 2003 on my wife's Vista laptop with both Exchange Server and POP (GMail) with no issues.
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        Re: Vista Broadband problems

        Thanks. My Son and I are UK based. The Free Sky Broadband he is using is supposed to have free McFee anti virus installed for the time being. So presumably the Windows Firewall should be switched, on unlike my Norton whach wants if switched off.


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          Re: Vista Broadband problems

          Email configuration for SKY Mail Servers in Outlook Express. The same should apply in Vista Windows Mail.

          1. Open Outlook Express, click Tools then select Accounts
          2. Click the Mail tab, then click Add and select Mail
          3. The wizard will start. Type in your name then click Next
          4. Enter your email address then click Next
          5. Leave the My Incoming Mail Server is a POP3 Server drop down box as POP3. In Incoming Mail Server enter: (all lowercase, no spaces). In Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server enter: (all lowercase, no spaces).
          6. In the Account Name Box enter the first part of your email address (everything before the @ sign). In the Password Box, enter the password for your email account, then click Next.
          7. Click Finish
          8. To complete the acount creation process click Tools then select Accounts
          9. Click the Mail tab, then click Properties
          10. Click the My server requires authentication box to place a tick inside. Click OK
          11. Repeat the above process for each mail account you want to set up, including sub accounts. Each sub account will have a different email address and password. If you're having trouble sending email from Outlook Express (or other email software), it may mean you need to switch on SMTP authentication.

          Email configuration for BT Mail servers in Vista Windows Mail:

          Windows Mail

          Windows Mail replaces Outlook Express on computers running Windows Vista. To set up your BT Yahoo! Mail account in Windows Mail:

          Open Windows Mail, click 'Tools' then select 'Accounts'
          Click 'Add' and select 'Mail'
          Select E-mail account, click 'Next'
          Type in your name then click 'Next'
          Enter your email address ([email protected] or [email protected]) then click 'Next'
          Choose the incoming email server type as POP 3
          Enter the Incoming mail server address:
          Enter the Outgoing mail server address:
          Tick Outgoing server requires authentication, then click 'Next'
          Your email address without the will be entered for you. Type in your password then click 'Next'
          Click 'Finish'


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            Re: Vista Broadband problems

            Thanks. I will store that for future use, as servers do not seem to bother too much in explaining email setup. Fortuneately in my early days when sugning with the old UK Freeserve I managed to download an INI setup file I have used on many new PCs since. Pity more servers fo not bother to provide such INI setup files.