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file sharing in a wireless network - Vista & XP

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  • file sharing in a wireless network - Vista & XP

    Hi all,

    I have 2 computers which I want to be able to share files, folders and printers.

    The first is a desktop computer running windows XP, and the second is a laptop running windows Vista buisness.

    The XP box is connected via a cable to my Edimax BR6204Wg AP, and has an IP address of My laptop is using the AP to connect to the internet and has an IP of
    Both computers are set in workgroup WORKGROUP.

    The vista computer is set to private network with network discovery, file sharing, and password protected sharing all turned on.

    I can ping from one computer to the other with no problems.
    Both computers have shares enabled - and security for everyone read & write is set.
    My problem begins here: I can go to my XP machine and access the vista share easily by \\\<share>. I have no problems copying and doing anything I want on that vista share. However, on the Vista computer, I'm only able to enter the share (after authenticating).
    If I try to display an image on the XP share (from the vista computer) I am kindly informed that "Photo gallery can't open this picture because you do not have permission to access the file location", and if I try to copy (on the vista computer) from the XP share to a local location on the disk I get: "You need permission to perform this action".

    What am I missing here?