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Windows Update Error 8024402C for Windows Vista Basic

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  • Windows Update Error 8024402C for Windows Vista Basic


    I bought a Dell Latitude D630 which came with Windows Vista Basic sometime last month and the past weeks I have been getting notification from Windows saying that 'Windows could not search for new updates. error 8024402C'.

    I have been searching for a fix for this annoying problem ever since and until today I am still having the problem.

    I am not running any proxy and I am connected to the Internet directly. These are some of the steps which I found during my crusade to find a fix for this problem but it still didnt work.
    I received this error, and I tried all the MS KB articles, and read through every single thread in this newsgroup related to Error: 0x8024402C and was unable to fix it. If you read very carefully in Windows Update, besides the 8024402C error, there is an error that says "You didn't accept the EULA". Go back and check! I was unsure what was going on, but I never saw an EULA (End User License Agreement) Dialogue Pop-up. Until I made the
    3 changes below.

    This works for sure:

    1) BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Agent); Automatic Updates and Cryptographic Services *MUST* be enabled (Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services). **You can turn them OFF and disable later if you so desire.

    2) Go to "Tools, Interent Options, Privacy, Pop-Up Blocker, Settings...and made sure the following are added:


    3) Go to TCP-IP Properties, Advanced, DNS, and made sure all defaults are chosen. (Append Primary & Suffix radio button is checked, everything else is blank) This assumes you are receiving a DHCP address. Unplug & Plug your Network cable back out & in, so it gets a new DNS suffix with the DHCP address.

    No more Windows Update Errors!


    # TWO

    This 0x8024402C error was driving me nuts.

    One thing that was absolutely bizzarre to me, is that in the log, not only as many ppl are seeing, is there reference to an attempted connection by proxy (when ie connection settings are not set to proxy) BUT the hostname of the proxy matched the hostname that my server was set to about a month ago (not the current hostname, and there was never a proxy anyway!) This particular machine was also never previously connected to this server! My only guess is that MS is somehow and for some reason keeping some sort of dated reverse DNS log and directing windows update to use a proxy on that host.

    Now for the good part (after a full day wasted.) To resolve the issue, I set ie to actually use a proxy (one of the free open ones) and put the exception list in.

    Windows update then worked.

    I removed the proxy settings, and it worked again.

    0x8024402C problem solved. I hope. Still curious about the cause!


    # THREE

    I had the same problem and found out that it was due to the Firewall feature of Norton Internet Security. Once this firewall is turned off, then it works fine. Actually having this firewall on disabled my Internet Explorer totally!!! But you can still keep the Windows firewall on (in Control Panel) and no problem.

    I hope it helps you guys as it did to me,


    # FOUR

    I solved the 0x8024402C error by adding a DNS server in my TCP-IP settings. I guess that most of these errors can be solved this way. Any way this should be the first and most simple thing to check.

    I have also checked on the microsoft website and the recommended fix still didnt work.

    If you guys out there have any suggestion or you have came accross the same problem and managed to fix it, please let me know.