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Vista Business and IE7 error

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  • Vista Business and IE7 error

    I have (MS Action Pak Sub) Windows Vista Business upgrade from Vista RC1 Ultimate beta time release. Runs on a Dell 700 Poweredge 2GB Ram. I run Windows Defender and AVG Free Anti-virus. I have had no problems to date with any of my Vista Experience. Recently, I took a class online from a local University - completing degree. However, after using the online Blackboard to post comments, I noticed I started to get SVG errors in IE7. The online Blackboard required me to install a Java applet.

    Now, when I go to any website, such as hotmail or any random website, I get these website IE errors randomly, no pattern. No particular website either, just whenver this object error decides to display. I ran a browser test from the University site and it this is the result:

    Required Components
    If any of these components are missing, you may not be able to log in, or use some of the advanced features of Blackboard
    Your browser supports JavaScript
    Your browser allows Cookies
    You have a Java runtime environment (JRE) installed - this is needed for some tools, e.g. the Virtual Classroom

    Optional Components
    These are not required to use the Blackboard software, but may be needed to display certain content types (particularly audio and video files)
    You have a Macromedia Flash Player installed
    You have a Macromedia Shockwave installed
    You have Windows Media Player installed
    You do not have RealPlayer installed - you may not be able to play some audio and video files
    You do not have an Apple QuickTime Player installed - you may not be able to play some audio and video files
    You do not have a separate Scaleable Vector Graphic Viewer installed - some (still relatively uncommon) images may not display correctly

    If you are using the FireFox browser you don't need one, as it has built in support for SVG images

    Although I use Firefox and Opera, I normally use IE7 to browse.

    I googled the SVG errors and apparently IE7 does not support SVG files. So, I downloaded the Adobe 3.0.3 SVG plugin, and now I just get errors like the attachment.....

    "Problems with this webpage might prevent it from being displayed properly or functioning properly...." Line 23, Char 2, Error: Object Required....

    I went to the Microsoft site and could not find any kind of resolution. No real answer from google other than a Javascript error or perhaps a bad java applet install or even a bad script that ran on my browser from the online class. I ran HiJack this and couldn't find anything. I have ran Kaspersky online scanner and Trend Micro online scanner as well as AdAware scan and nothing...Any Help? Thanks
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    Re: Vista Business and IE7 error

    Issue resolved.....

    I was looking for the spectacular and overlooked the simple basic troubleshooting procedure...It was really bugging me and I just didn't spend the time to look into the issue and resolve it properly....It just frustrated me more than I just reset IE and voila! No more errors.


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      Re: Vista Business and IE7 error

      Oh don't you just hate that. Spend ages trying to sort out the problem and Mr Default fixes it for you in seconds. Thanks for posting back Pie, we appreciate do it.
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