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Problem with Windows Vista and Windows 2003 R2

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  • Problem with Windows Vista and Windows 2003 R2

    Hi everyone,

    I'm having a problem adding Windows Vista Business to a Win2003 R2 Domain.

    Everytime I connect the network cable it gives me an IP conflict even though I'm using free IPs.
    I even tried to use an IP different from my network but the message is the same.

    If I connect the Vista PC to a XP Pro with ICS and a crossover cable, there's no problem. If I reconnect the first cable, it starts the problem all over again.

    I tried to force the DNS Suffix and force the IP with the network card disabled. He doesn't give an IP conflict anymore, I can add it to the domain but after the restart I can't logon because it can't detect a Session Server.

    Another strange situation, is the fact that he can't 'memorize' the IP I specify. When I press OK on the Network Properties window, he gives me the IP conflict, I double check with the 'ipconfig /all' command and when I go back to the Network Properties it disappears.

    I reseted the winsock and TCP/IP stack, disabled IPv6, reinstalled the network card but nothing works

    I used a Linksys router and tried to connect directly but the problem persists.

    The same things happen with a laptop running Windows Vista Ultimate.

    Any thoughts ?


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    Re: Problem with Windows Vista and Windows 2003 R2

    Problem 'almost' solved.

    I found out that the problem was on the VPN router (Draytek 2900)

    The conflicting MAC Address was the router's, so I just disconnected the router from the network and every Vista started to work perfectly.

    The problem now is: Is there a way to bypass this without getting a new router ?

    I even tried to enable DHCP on the Draytek but... didn't work.

    Anyone ?