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Setting up VPN's painfully slow

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  • Setting up VPN's painfully slow

    I was wondering if anyone else experiences the same issue I'm having or if you might know of what I'm doing wrong.

    When I right click on the network icon in the system tray, and go to "connect to a network" to bring up the list of all my VPN connections, it takes roughly 3 minutes for the window to pop up . I liked how in XP you can create new vpn connections right in the network connections ctrl panel applet. In vista, that can only be used to connect to existing ones, not make new ones. I absolutely hate the way VPNs are set up and configured in VIsta, and as a support tech, I am constantly going in and out of our various clients vpn's. Anyone have any Ideas? Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Setting up VPN's painfully slow

    At last another IT guy with the same Vista VPN problems!
    We too support all our clients 150+ via VPN connections.
    I currently have about 75 set up on my laptop and it takes around 5 minutes for the 'Connect to wizard' to pop up. This is on a clean vista build. It happens on my home vista pc too.
    Any one else had this issue too and possibly found a fix for it?
    I really hope MS change this to allow creating one the way we did in XP via network connections. It also affects connection to wireless networks as you have to use the same wizard!

    Any help or info would be greatly appreciated


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      Re: Setting up VPN's painfully slow

      I'm in the same boat as Spursky

      The only thing I've found for this is to make a shortcut and configure it as such...

      Target: C:\Windows\explorer.exe ::{7007ACC7-3202-11D1-AAD2-00805FC1270E}
      Start in C:\windows

      it opens the network connection directly so don't have to wait a ridiculously long time for the ridiculous "connect to a network" window.
      Keep in mind you'll still have to wait for the connection prompt to actually appear.

      I see that this hasn't been posted on in a few months, has anyone discovered any information on this?
      Is it possible to fix or is it a feature (see: thorn in side)?


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        Re: Setting up VPN's painfully slow

        Hi guys,

        I'm running Vista Business and am just sick of how slow it is on opening Network Connections... I don't even have that many connects 5 VPN's is all.

        However, I did find a rather simple solution if I am reading your post right. What you could do it:

        1. Create a folder on your desktop Named Whatever you Want - I'll Use VPN Connections.
        2. Open Network Connections by going to Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Manage network Connections (on the left side)
        3. Select all of the VPN Sessions you have (Shift or Ctrl. Click for Multiple)
        4. Right-click and Hold the selected connections
        5 Drag them over to the VPN Connections folder on your Desktop and release
        6. Select Create Shortcuts Here

        You will then have a folder on your desktop with all of your chosen Network Connections in it. I had an issue with the Icons within the folder but that can be fixed by Right Clicking the Shortcut > Properties > Shortcut Tab > and hit the Change Icon button.
        Hope this helps.


        My advice is provided AS IS, without warranty of any kind, express or implied. Follow at your own risk.