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    Hey guys - I need your help. We are using Exchange 2000 - do you think, we should upgrade to some later release of Exchange or should we try any other vendor like Lotus Notes or use open source sendmail, or some other hosted email provider similar to Hotmail/yahoo business mail etc. What do you guys think. Thanks for your help
    - Mark Smith

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    Re: Upgrade

    This question is very depends on some heavy factors:
    * Money: Exchange upgrade will cost money unlike sendmail for example.
    * Known technology: You familiar with the Exchange system and to start learn new system will be very difficult - especially the disaster recovery if something bad happens.
    * Users / clients: your users are familiar with the Outlook client I guess and to start use other client like Lotus - will be difficult too.

    Those are only some of the factors you should consider...

    Think about it
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      Re: Upgrade

      Your question appears to have nothing to do with Vista. Your question has also been posted in 2 other forums and as this is against Forum Rules, (see Rule 2) ) you have incured a 2 week ban for triple post. Thanks.
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