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Run application as administrator by default

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  • Run application as administrator by default

    I'm a software support technician for a small software company.
    Our software needs to be run with administrator privileges because of our licensing software (it needs full control to operate correctly).
    Can Vista be set to run an application as administrator by default.
    I know there is a run as administrator menu option.
    But our customers forget to use it and running as a user disables their license.
    This is causing many trouble tickets and headaches.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    We don't even have a Vista PC to run on in Technical Support yet.
    My Vista PC is on order.
    So I'm operating blind.
    Thanks again
    I'm not suffering from Insanity.
    I'm enjoying every moment of it!

    Doug Rizzo
    Technical Support
    MTC Software

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    Re: Run application as administrator by default

    1. Locate the executable -> right click
    2. create a short cut.
    3. Right click the short cut.
    4. Advanced
    5. enable run as administrator.
    6. Ok.

    Use the short cut.

    I hope this will help.
    MCP, MCSA+messaging, MCDBA, OCA.