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    Hello All
    i have Vista ultimate on my pc , and i have a few questions :
    1. can i make a ICS with my 2 computers ( 1 XP PRO SP2 , 2 Vista Ultimate ) -- and will i be able to connect to the internet with both of them ?
    2.i want to know if the Vista has IIS ?? and i so do i need to install it or is it built in? ( and What version... 7,6 ? )
    3.ifi have 2 computers on ICS can i make the IIS from my Slave computer ( the one that is not connected to the modem directlly? )
    and if you can help me .. i want to learn more on making your own WEB PAGE with the IIS .. can someone send me a manual or a like to read ???
    thanks a lot

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    Re: Help With Vista

    This is the only manual you will ever need