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vista rc1 access denied

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  • vista rc1 access denied

    i installed vista rc1 a couple days ago. Since then i don't have access to my computer. the administrator account has been disabled. i triewd to log on from safe mode i am still grtting " your account has been disabled. Please you system administrator." At this point i don't know how to access my computer. my computer does not have a domain. Is there anyway i can re-enable the account or re-install xp. I went to the bios setup and my cd-rom device is not install.
    Can somebody help me , please.

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    Re: vista rc1 access denied

    It was my understanding that the Administrator account wasn't available in RC1 so MS would have a better idea how Vista would run with a normal User account. Otherwise everone would run under the Admin account and user feedback would be not as they wanted.

    Can some confirm or deny my above belief? Ta.

    Since it is RC1 and not a production machine, just reinstall Vista. Incidently, RC2 install much faster than RC1.
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