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Vista RC1 trouble with permission etc.

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  • Vista RC1 trouble with permission etc.

    I installed RC1 followed by Onecare which trashed since there was apparently residue from Symantec Client. Upon install of RC1, it worked fine. Problems started when I tried to install OneCare. Tried numerous corrections, to no avail. Access to working on and with the C:\ drive was denied. I can use some applications on the C:\ but not all of them. Some of the Windows exe files are usable, but some are not. I have apparent admin priveliges and have also logged in as administrator. I have logged in safe mode. So now I have given up and wish to do a clean install of VISTA. Problem is the access problem has now seemed to eliminate use of my internal CD and external DVD drives. I can not get the RC1 disk to boot. The DVD is turned on at start up but is not recognized in Windows Explorer or CMD. I can still get in on a floppy. I can also get in via a large hard disk which is the F:\ drive. But I can not start some programs on the F:\ drive. So I presume I need a bootable floppy disk with format and fdisk plus drivers for the dvd external drive which is connected via a USB. I assume I need some memory file together with a config.sys that sets up the memory.


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    Re: Vista RC1 trouble with permission etc.

    Please try to use Vista RTM
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      Re: Vista RC1 trouble with permission etc.

      Originally posted by yuval14 View Post
      Please try to use Vista RTM
      Unfortunately its not available on public release yet.


      I'm not really sure i understand your question.

      Are you being restricted from accessing certain portions of your drives??


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        Re: Vista RC1 trouble with permission etc.

        I think this question is no longer valid due to the release of Vista. If the problem exists on the production version then it would be worth talking to the software parties involved.
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