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Surprises inside Microsoft Vista's EULA... VM

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  • Surprises inside Microsoft Vista's EULA... VM

    i did not know where to post it... VM forum or Vista Forum... so i post it here if its not ok please move it thanks

    Besides the generally interesting info there is some connection to desktop virtualization:

    It mentions that the EULA forbids running VMs of certain versions of Vista (the Home Basic/Home Premium versions). It also forbids running some apps (that use MS Digital Rights Management) on a virtual "Ultimate Vista" machine.
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    Re: Surprises inside Microsoft Vista's EULA... VM

    Or read it for yourself. At present there is only the Business EULA but I suspect that will change soon.

    Tricky choice Yaniv on where to place it, but I will move this to the Vista Forum since it is a Vista EULA and not a Virtual one.

    Oh yes, nice find.
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