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  • OfflineFiles Windows 8


    Please see the details of the issue I have.

    Back ground:

    Client: Dell Latitude E7440 – Windows 8 Enterprise

    File Servers: Windows Server 2012 clustered

    Active Directory domain functional level: 2008 R2

    - UE-V 2.0
    - Bitlocker
    - Offline files
    - Redirected folders (AppData, Documents, Desktop & Favourites)

    Drive mappings:

    DFS namespace< G: č \\ Servername\fac\prs\its\usr\%LogonUser% (This drive is taken offline)

    DFS namespace < J: č \\ Sername\fac\prs\its

    Scenarios I want to get to.

    When laptops are docked the G: drive is offline and syncing in the background (every 4-6 minutes), J: drive is online and accessible.

    When undocked (connected to wireless LAN or Internet) the G: drive remains offline. J: drive is not accessible.


    In this scenario we have no issues with laptop stability but we are finding it challenging to keep the G: drive offline and the J: drive online.

    We have tried the following setups:

    - Value name “*” Value “Latency=32000” – G: Online, J: Online

    - Value name “*” Value “Latency=32000” & Value name “\\ servername\fac” Value “Latency=1” – G: Offline (BackgroundSync), J: Offline.

    - Value name “*” Value “Latency=32000” & Value name “\\ servername\FAC\PRS\ITS\USR” Value “Latency=1” – G: Online, J: Online