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Desktop layout depending on screen orientation

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  • Desktop layout depending on screen orientation

    I don't think I have ever considered this nor seen it in action. but for a discussion topic (and if anyone has a solution...)

    I have recently got a Surface Pro (a real Win8 Tablet, stylus and all).
    With the keyboard, I prefer the taskbar docked to the side of the landscape screen, giving maximum "height".
    When using the stylus, I tend to work in portrait format, so the taskbar automatically moves to the left of the screen (formerly the bottom) and leaves a very tall, narrow area for OneNote (other apps are available)

    What I would like is to keep the Taskbar on the short edge of the screen when working in either format, but for apps to take the correct orientation (ribbon on the "top". Disabling Autorotate would not do it. Separately (and for a different forum) I would like Outlook in particular to have different reading pane displays depending on landscape or portrait format.

    Has anyone met this requirement, and does anyone know a solution - I can post screenshots of what I want if required.
    Tom Jones
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    Re: Desktop layout depending on screen orientation

    Never given it much thought, and a cursory search in my Dell Venue 8 Pro doesn't list anything like that in configuration help. It only goes through which side you want the taskbar to run on and how to pin apps to it and things like that.

    I can't see anything in Windows that would allow the taskbar to operate separate from the rest of Windows when it comes to screen orientation, but I also can't think of a reason why they couldn't do that.

    Please let us know what your search turns up.