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Recreate windows 8.1 profile apps dont load (Domain profile)

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  • Recreate windows 8.1 profile apps dont load (Domain profile)

    Hi Folks,
    I have a new Dell Latitude E7440, just after updating to windows 8.1.
    Laptop is part for a Domain.
    I have searched high and low for on answer, but no look

    Problem I am having is new user was added to laptop but it came up with an issue, so Renamed the user's profile folder in C:\users and then deleted the SID registry key from “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\C urrentVersion\ProfileList” ).
    Restarted the laptop during the profile rebuild the message (Installing Apps appears) I noticed that the message only stays there for 4seconds, suggesting that the apps did not install for the new profile
    Internet Explorer and the Windows Store were accessible. All of the other Windows 8 applications were gone off the home screen and could not access the "All APPs" in the second screen.
    So what I did was add a new test user which it created successfully all apps loaded
    tested it again by adding another test user which added successfully all apps load..
    next for test I renamed the test profile in users and deleted the SID. restarted and login to recreate the profile
    guess what same bloody issue it does not install the apps on the newly created profile..
    can anyone shad any light on this, its not a local account, its a domain account

    In Task Manager only 4 apps are started
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    Re: Recreate windows 8.1 profile apps dont load (Domain profile)

    Why not use the built in utility to delete the profile?

    System Properties -> Advanced Tab -> click Setting for User Profiles -> highlight and delete the profile. Delete any "unknown" profiles too. If the delete is grayed out then that means files are still locked. Reboot and logon with an admin and you should be able to delete the profiles then.

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