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  • Unknown Devices in Control Panel

    After many failed attempts to install an external faxmodem because it was not compatible with my OS Windows 8 64bit I have 4 unknown devices in my control panel which I have now discovered they are related to Dell Wireless 1703 Bluetooth pre-installed with my New Dell XPS 8500. I have uninstalled these unknown devices and even Bluetooth to get rid of them - they disappeared but on re-boot or restart all appeared again - Bluetooth and the unknown devices which now seem to have been integrated with Bluetooth are without a driver (Code 2 but details of drivers are:
    Bluetooth' driver is working properly.
    Could anyone please inform me what to do to get rid of these unknown devices?
    At present I don't have a Bluetooth hardware device - all I have is the software ready for Dell Wireless 1703 Bluetooth..

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    Re: Unknown Devices in Control Panel

    Try a system restore.

    If for some reasone System Restore can't help, then try Windows update to find the drivers
    Or go to DELL Drivers and Downloads website. There you get a list of all available drivers for the default buildin devices on your computer model.

    If you still can't install the drivers and you actualy do not use the devices anyway then simply Disable them in Device manager.

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      Re: Unknown Devices in Control Panel

      If you have the software for the devices on your PC, right-click them in
      Device Manager and select "Update Driver Software." This will allow you to either search automatically for driver software or browse to it's location manually.

      Search automatically will check the Net as well as your local PC.

      Good luck!


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        Re: Unknown Devices in Control Panel

        If the devices keep showing up as unknown after a reboot that means there are actual hardware devices that don't have their associated driver installed on the computer.

        Your options are to install the drivers or disable the hardware since it sounds like they're integrated into the computer.

        You should download the drivers and software from Dell's set. If you have support then they can tell you exactly what is in your computer and which drivers you need. You can also look up the original system config or allow Dell to scan your computer from their support site.

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          Re: Unknown Devices in Control Panel

          If you don't want them, then it may be necessary to disable them in the BIOS. that way Windows won't see them, so it won't need the drivers.
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            Re: Unknown Devices in Control Panel

            I've had similar issues with Dell computers that we have at work. Of course, with Dell it's pretty easy to see what hardware drivers you actually need.
            There comes a point - when your computer is 5-10 years old - where Dell doesn't provide the right drivers anymore.
            My solution: download the Vista drivers and install them!

            Also, these old machines don't always the corrent list of drivers if you look by Service Tag, so instead of looking for the particular machine, browse for the model of computer and you'll find a heck of a lot more drivers.

            If you install a driver for hardware that doesn't exist, you will get a message that the hardware wasn't found.

            Then again, if you're having a bluetooth device for which no driver is installed - and you don't use the hardware - just leave it be and stop worrying!

            Another tip: some hardware (onboard) doesn't show up until you install the correct chipset drivers!

            Don't know what hardware you have? Open the computer, note down the numbers on the chips and google them! You'll see exactly what you have in your rig.


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              Re: Unknown Devices in Control Panel

              Run this script and it will remove all unconnected devices. I use this to clean up any P2V's servers and it works a treat.

              All credits to the original writer of the script.

              @echo off
              set _ver=Version 3.3 (April 2011)
              REM	Remove non present hardware in machines
              REM	Called by : Runs Independantly
              REM	Calls     : devcon.exe (32 bit or 64 bit)
              REM	by Simon Price
              REM	August, 2007
              REM	email : [email protected] | [email protected]
              REM 	Check for updates here:
              REM 	Updated May 2008 - removed need for lmod - should work on x64 Windows
              REM 	Updated Mar 2010 - Added dated logfiles and volume shadow copy removal
              REM 	Update July 2010 - Added 'intelligence' to determine 64 or 32 bit Windows version
              REM 	Update April 2011 - Used different method for detemrination of x64 systems. Apparently not working on some systems.
              set _base=%~dp0
              set _scriptname=%~n0
              set _bin=%_base%_bin
              set title=%_scriptname%
              TITLE %title% %_ver%
              echo ====================================================
              echo =====Removing Non-Present hardware from Machine=====
              echo ====================================================
              echo Version %_ver%
              echo Written by Simon Price
              echo Questions / Problems / Suggestions - [email protected] 
              echo or
              echo Please Wait
              set _outfoldroot=%systemdrive%\admin\%_scriptname%
              if not exist "%_outfoldroot%" md "%_outfoldroot%"
              if exist "%systemdrive%\*x86*" (
              	set _bitver=x64
              	) else (
              	set _bitver=x32
              @echo This OS is %_bitver%
              set _classsearch=VolumeSnapshot modem battery net CDROM DiskDrive display fdc hdc keyboard media monitor scsiadapter Printer scsi unknown floppydisk processor volume MultiFunction mouse battery hidclass system usb wceusbs SmartCardReader SmartCard Biometric SBP2 MultiPortSerial DellSerialDevice BiometricDevice TapeDrive usbstor 61883
              for /f "tokens=*" %%a in ('ndate +%%y%%m%%d_%%H%%M%%S') do set _dttm=%%a
              set _find=%_outfoldroot%\%computername%_%_dttm%_find.txt
              set _removal=%_outfoldroot%\%computername%_%_dttm%_removal.txt
              set _findall=%_outfoldroot%\%computername%_%_dttm%_findall.txt
              set _classes=%_outfoldroot%\%computername%_%_dttm%_classes.txt
              rem remove existing files
              if exist "%_find%" del /q "%_find%"
              if exist "%_findall%" del /q "%_findall%"
              for %%a in (%_classsearch%) do (
              rem	devcon findall =%%a | sort | lmod /l* /b: [$1] | findstr /iv /c:"matching device" >> "%_findall%"
              	for /f "tokens=1 delims=: " %%b in ('devcon findall ^=%%a ^| findstr /iv /c:"matching device"') do @echo %%b>> "%_findall%"
              for %%a in (%_classsearch%) do (
              rem	devcon find =%%a | sort | lmod /l* /b: [$1] | findstr /iv /c:"matching device" >> "%_find%"
              	for /f "tokens=1 delims=: " %%b in ('devcon find ^=%%a ^| findstr /iv /c:"matching device"') do @echo %%b>> "%_find%"
              REM List out the actual device classes
              devcon classes > "%_classes%"
              @echo. > "%_removal%"
              set _found=0
              for /f "tokens=* delims=" %%a in (%_findall%) do (
              set _found=0
              	for /f "tokens=* delims=:" %%b in ('findstr /L /X /C:"%%a" "%_find%"') do (	
              		set _found=1
              		if /i .!_found!.==.0. (
              			for /f "tokens=1,2* delims=:" %%c in ('devcon find "@%%a" ^| findstr /iv /c:"matching device"') do (
              			set _descr=%%d
              			for /f "tokens=1 delims=\" %%A in ("%%c") do set _descr1=%%A
              			@echo removing device :  [!_descr1!]!_descr!
              			set _removecmd=devcon remove "@%%a"
              			for /f "tokens=* delims=" %%x in ('!_removecmd!') do set msg=%%x
              			@echo -- "!msg!"
              			@echo [!_descr1!],!_descr!,"%%a",!msg! >> "%_removal%"			
              echo Complete. Output files are located here:
              @echo [%_outfoldroot%]
              goto :END
              @echo %message%
              @echo SYNTAX : %_scriptname% ^<version info^> ^<logfile path^>
              sleep 5
              goto :END