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  • Windows 8 & GPP Printers

    I work for a school district and we deploy all of our printers via Group Policy Preferences. We use Windows Server 2008 R2 and Server 2012. This setup works fantastically for all of our Windows 7 machines. We filter who gets the printers via Item-Level Targeting and use IP range. We are attempting to move over to Windows 8 to better suit our touchscreen labs. However, I cannot get the printers to work. I have tried troubleshooting and limited the issue to Item-Level Targeting. When this feature is on they will not install the printers or even give an error log with reporting turned on (almost like it doesn't apply to the computer at all). With this feature turned off the printers install fine. I have tried different point and print restrictions as well as changing \\server\printer to \\\printer and this does not seem to matter. As I said it does work will all windows 7 clients. It also works from the Print Management MMC. Thanks in advance for the help! Chris

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    Re: Windows 8 & GPP Printers

    i found someone with a similar problem, but no real answer...

    what they did have was a band-aid that may work for you:

    Originally posted by spiceworks
    So as an update to this I have worked around this issue by publishing my printers using the old Group Policy methods. while not as flexible or controlled it did work with my windows 8 clients

    User Configuration >> Policies >> Windows Settings >> Deployed Printers

    then simply create a list with the share paths for the printers you wish to publish
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