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    I installed Windows 8 around 10 days ago and it was fine (once I'd customised it to avoid Metro in most circumstances) and it boots incredibly fast to logon ... once I log on it takes 25 to 40 seconds to load the RainMeter desktop. It didn't take that long when I installed and configured the desktop so something else, (presumably something I have installed or has updated since then) is slowing things down.

    My main applications that I know of that run at startup are rocketdock, SpybotSD Tea Timer, Paintshop Pro XI, ClamWin and MS Office 2013. There are others like nVidia and Intel graphics (I use both), printer drivers, a few apps and stuff but, using AutoRuns, I have progressively switch most of these off with no real benefit. I've checked to see run speeds of things like "RainMeter" by disabling auto run and running manually ... they run in seconds. I can't see anything in the event logs to indicate something taking a long time to run but that doesn't prove anything ... the nVidia tray icon for example doesn't seem to be in the startup folder (of the start menu), in the registry under "run" (both of them) and I can't see them under the "logon" tab of autoruns so ... IOW I'm not quite how it runs or how to stop it to see if that's the issue.

    How do I go about finding out what it is that's delaying things running post logon?

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    Re: Win 8 Slow Start

    Hello. Have you tried the 'startup' tab in task manager. I've been using it a while and it does a good job.
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