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Weird permissions issue - with torrent program in win8

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  • Weird permissions issue - with torrent program in win8


    I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I have some weird issue with my torrent program.

    I recently upgraded my OS to WIN8 CP (from WIN7 Unlimited).

    When I try to download a new torrent file, the download goes straight to "queue" mode, and refuses to start.

    At first I thought it had something to do with the AV, so I removed it, but the problem remained.
    After reading some troubleshooting pages on the net, I discovered it has something to do with write permissions on the hard-disk.

    When I checked the permissions on all my hard drives (I have 4 of them), I discovered that my default username (the only one I use) didn't have "modify" permissions on any of the harddrives (only the admins group had those).

    Plus - the hard drives were "owned" by "SYSTEM" or "Trusted installer".
    I took the ownership to all my drives to my username, and during the ownership overtake, had some errors due to use of some files on drive C: (like the pagefile).

    After all this (with the AV uninstalled), I tried to rerun the torrent app, and still nothing.

    Then I tried the last solution I had in mind to run the program "As Admin", and then everything went well!

    The problem is that I look at it as a sort of "bypass" and not a real solution...

    How else can I make sure the app has full access to my hard drive?
    (the app is called "ABC")

    thanx in advance!

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    Re: Weird permissions issue - with torrent program in win8

    try a fresh install rather than an upgrade.. ?

    could be some little dodgies in what is still a beta release...
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      Re: Weird permissions issue - with torrent program in win8


      I did a clean install (not an upgrade).
      (I just meant that I upgraded from 7 to .

      any other ideas plz?...


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        Re: Weird permissions issue - with torrent program in win8

        Just tested this to make sure but if you take ownership of a location that you don't have any permissions on and set replace on subfolders etc then it overwrites all of the permissions with that account. It may well have broken something else further down the tree, certainly it will have made the system less secure.
        There shouldn't be any need to alter the default permissions on the drives and SYSTEM / TrustedInstaller are the correct owners.
        Permissions could easily be registry not file as well.

        Has the application been certified or listed as supporting Windows 8 yet? If not then it is quite possible it would need to run in admin mode or need a patch/config change to run properly without elevated permissions. The best team to speak to would be the owners of the application I would think.

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