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Windows 8.1 versus 10

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  • Windows 8.1 versus 10

    I currently have a computer with Windows 8.1 and I have the option to upgrade to Windows 10. I have had the computer for a couple years but have only used it a couple times and have only install Office Professional 2007 and my HP wireless printer software a while ago. Have not even open up Outlook

    Looking for your opinion, as I am told Windows 10 is better security?
    I am also told if I upgrade to Window 10 that I will need to reinstall Office Professional 2007, is that correct? I have the CD so that is no problem.

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    WIn10 will have longer support and, of course, the upgrade is still free (but not for long)
    Regarding security, I doubt there is much difference - apart from the data Microsoft collect from you via telemetry

    I cannot speak for Office 2007, but when I upgraded all my applications (including Office 2013) functioned fine.
    For the printer software, check HP, but at a minimum they will have drivers, even if the bloatware attached to them doesn't work
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      First things first...Need to upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.
      A dialog box popped up on my Window 8.1 to upgrade to Windows 10. It was scheduled to be installed on 06/26; however I clicked install now. I could not read the entire screen after that as it went too fast. All I got out of that was after download and then reboot. It took about 1 minutes and asked me to reboot. I did and assumed it would install the upgrade after, but I see I still have Windows 8.1. Can you help?


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        Have upgraded to Windows 10 and it works fine except for I have no sound. There is a red x on the task bar on sound. Need to work on that after I get Outlook 2007 going. I did verify if word, Excel and PowerPoint work and they are fine; however I have never opened outlook 2007 on this computer so my email is not setup or my .pst file transferred from my other laptop that has Outlook 2003. Yes, it is old, trying to find Office 2013 but no luck so far other than on eBay.

        I hope it is OK to ask about Outlook on this forum. I kept my instructions from last time so I am hoping they are still good

        - Copy the .pst file from Outlook 2003 and paste into my documents in Outlook 2007. I don't use the default place to store .pst file.
        - Open outlook 2007 and setup my email
        - Go to Tools>Options>Mail Setup.Data Files>Add
        - Add the PST as my new default, then Close > OK to exit the Options dialog
        - Go to Tools > E-mail Accounts > View or change existing e-mail accounts
        - Select the PST I added in the "Deliver New e-mail to the following location" dropdown (it will most likely appear just below the current default Personal Folders file) > Finish
        - Exit and Restart Outlook


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          Sounds good.

          Regarding your sound issue - upgrade your sound driver:

          If that fails, visit your laptop manufacturer's website and see if you can download it from there and install it.
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            I know this is a month old but it is a cold, wet and windy night with nothing on TV except for a few weeks dust. I would suggest you create a folder called Outlook and pop the PST into that. Keeps things nice and orderly and if, as I suspect, you have dropped the PST into the My Documents, sorry Documents root directory (why do we not call it a root folder? ) then the Outlook associated files can get disassociated a little due to then having different names, eg:

            Having them all in a single folder stops them from getting lonely.
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