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  • Home folder Saving issues

    At some of our buildings (not sure how widespread) we have users with home drives mapped and the My documents folder redirected to that. Whats happening is the user opens a file in that directory, makes changes, hits save (no errors) but the changes don't get saved. I remoted into one and saw this happen I'd make changes hit save and nothing. If I hit save as and used the same file it would then save. Does anyone know what I can check? Of course it doesn't always happen, or when it does to the same user or PC. Does anyone know what I can look for for a problem like this?

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    I would suspect a permissions issue where the files are read-only, but as you don't see an error... Have you checked the permissions anyway?
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      Yes, we've triple checked permissions. And for the users it happens to they can connect to that folder/drive create new files, copy files to it, open previous documents. Its just when they hit save nothing happens. So whats happening is students come in, work on their assignments, hit save, don't see an error. Come back later and see their work is gone.


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        What application are they using? What OS? Are these mobile computers or workstations? Are you using Offline Files? Are you sure folder redirection is happening?

        When you say "nothing happens" when they click save, this is what I normally would expect for most applications unless it was a new document. If "nothing happens" either the file was saved (to some location) or the application is at fault.

        Here's my guesses:
        - Offline files are enabled
        - The files are being saved but to the local cache
        - file synchronization is failing for some reason
        - if a user were to use the same computer as before, they would be able to see their changes.

        Purely guesses. So post back with some more info.

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