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Win 7 unable to connect to Exch 2003 OWA or RPC

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  • Win 7 unable to connect to Exch 2003 OWA or RPC

    Interesting problem with two users follows
    1. Two users can't connect to Exch 2003 OWA or RPC
    2. These two users can't connect via ANY win 7 workstations, while others can just fine
    3. These two users CAN connect via XP or Iphones/Droids
    4. No log info makes it to W3SVC1 on the failed OWA attempts.
    5. These two users had no issues prior to last weekend

    been flailing away at this off and on for the last 3 days

    any ideas?
    thanks so much

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    Re: Win 7 unable to connect to Exch 2003 OWA or RPC

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume that you've got roaming profiles set up, since the same 2 users are experiencing this issue on several workstations, the same ones where others don't.

    This infers a profile-related issue. If clearing IE cache and cookies doesn't resolve the problem, you could try something a bit extreme: inside the root of each person's profile are the various folders which make up the profile, and some NT-named files. Those files are how the settings of a profile are kept, including surface things like where all your desktop icons are located. The Desktop folder holds the icons, but the ntuser.dat file holds the settings of placement for those icons on the Desktop when logged in. (That's only a simple example, there's sooo much more.) We've run into some weird situations where the only resolution ends up being the deletion of all of those NT-named files in the person's profile directory.

    Because of the folder structure of a profile set, deletion of just those files won't throw out the Desktop icons or Favorites, or their My Documents files, but it can 'reset' strange things like this because the files have to be rebuilt from scratch at the next logon. It doesn't take long to do, and any customizations like desktop icon arrangement have to be re-done, but we've found it the least painful and quickest way to solve certain other problems (but we've not seen this one).

    To do this, be certain the user is LOGGED OFF. Simply delete those files (leave the folders alone!). Verify there's no trace of that person's profile remaining on the first PC they log into, and when they do, your issue should be resolved.
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      Re: Win 7 unable to connect to Exch 2003 OWA or RPC

      Thanks for the reply. Roaming profiles not enabled...However, I don't believe the issue could be profile related at least not to a particular workstation. As I probably did not explain very clearly...if I go to ANY Windows 7 machine (ones they have NEVER logged on to) I am not able to use a (any) browser to connect either of these users to OWA. I can use the same browser and login as any other user in the company to OWA. Additionally, if I go to any XP machine I can successfully connect to OWA for both of these users...and of course anyone else in the company. Plus they both can connect and activesync just fine with their Phones/Tablets. Somewhat at a total loss as to where to even look. thanks again.


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        Re: Win 7 unable to connect to Exch 2003 OWA or RPC

        What IE version is running in Windows 7 compared to Windows XP? Any updates been rolled out to Windows 7 recently?