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USB stick corrupts and flashes...

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  • USB stick corrupts and flashes...

    I just inserted a USB stick that supports USB 2.0 and there is the classical problem that the data corrupts as soon as the operating system detects some kind of conflict (I was only trying to copy a file from the computer to the USB stick and now I am afraid the data is corrupt). There is a blue light that flashes and even though I tried to use the appropriate option to 'stop' activity the blue light goes on, is this ghosted (sarcasm)?

    See forum post at

    Is there a technical insight into this problem please?
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    Re: USB stick corrupts and flashes...

    Your article link boils down to 1 thing: USB sticks are not guaranteed to be 100% reliable, all of the time. Some manufacturers have a better reputation for reliability than others. And price doesn't necessarily figure into that. Does this stick work anywhere else without a problem? Is this the only stick you have an issue with on this server?

    But your picture shows your server is unlicensed, since it's not activated. How long has it been in operation, and do you keep it up to date? OS functionality is at risk if it's not activated, and I don't know if updates will work after the install grace period has elapsed. I haven't used Srvr 2008 (r1) at all, went straight to 2008R2 / 2012.
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      Re: USB stick corrupts and flashes...

      Is this a Windows 7 problem or a Server 2008 one? If Windows 7 then this thread is in the correct Forum so why the image of the Server which I seem to remember has been posted previously.

      If this is a Server 2008 problem then please let us know so this thread can be moved to the correct Forum.

      Thank you.
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