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Recover FOLDER (its contents) deleted from the Recycle Bin

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  • Recover FOLDER (its contents) deleted from the Recycle Bin

    I have several data recovery programs, but they seem to require either scanning a selected entire drive or searching for a particular file. I want to recover a FOLDER (its contents) deleted from the Recycle Bin. Are there 3rd party programs that do this? Thanks!


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    Re: Recover FOLDER (its contents) deleted from the Recycle Bin

    When something has been deleted from the Recycle Bin, the file system object is gone. The data will still exist on the physical drive, inside sectors marked as "available", until those sectors are once again allocated by another file and overwritten.

    Since the file system object is gone, there's no way to tell where on the drive it might once have been stored. That's why data recovery programs have to seach through the entire drive.

    Had you been looking for one or more deleted files of a certain type, say a spreadsheet or a picture, I'd recommend PhotoRec. Despite the name, it's pretty good at identifying and recovering a large number of different (non-photo) file types.

    Since you're looking for a file system folder, you'll need software capable of understanding the file system structure. Since this is a Windows forum, we're probably talking about NTFS. The program I've had the most success with, is "Zero Assumption Recovery" (ZAR), but as you say, it does take ages.

    In any case, if you really want this folder back, the most important thing to do is to stop using the PC in question immediately. Every time a file is written on that drive, there's a chance that one or more of the blocks containing the deleted folder will be overwritten.


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      Re: Recover FOLDER (its contents) deleted from the Recycle Bin

      You could try using recuva. I have it installed but never had any need to use it.
      it's free and quite easy to navigate.
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        Re: Recover FOLDER (its contents) deleted from the Recycle Bin

        Many thanks to the posters! I think I got pretty much everything back with Recuva….….!

        I was surprised to find so many of the lost files were there even after a month–and Recuva gave them to me in tree format within their folders (although the folders had long number/letter names in place of their original names) and with the file names, as well as the opportunity to preview them! ALL the files which were in folders were openable and viewable. But 14 of the files which were NOT in folders did not open properly–either they looked encoded, or I got a message saying there was a format related problem.

        Thanks again for the help!