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    Dear old Win XP has a very useful option to be found under Tools / Folder options / View allowing us to ' Remember each folder's view settings ' . Strangely this is not showing in wonderful Win 7, so presumably we must have the View setting on ALL our folders to be the same ------- some strange idea of progress by MS !!

    Is there another way of setting the view such as the size of the icons in some folders to be different to the rest please?

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    Re: Folders View options

    Open Explorer
    Organise (top left side of window)
    Folder and search option
    And click Apply to folders.


    Open Explorer (this way will look familiar)
    ALT + F
    Folder options
    Apply to folders

    Just make sure you set the folder layout BEFORE you do the above steps.
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      Re: Folders View options

      Sorry Biggles but your note appears to only relate to ALL the folders. I want to be able to set just one folder individually only at a time to show files exactly how I want it different to all the others.

      That is what ' Remember each folder's view settings ' does in Win XP presumably


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        Re: Folders View options

        I don't have access to a Win7 PC at the moment but Doesn't Windows 7 remember the view settings anyway?
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          Re: Folders View options

          On this PC Win 7 can only be relied upon to remember view setting for each folder IF you are content for ALL folders to look the same.

          Probably because ' Remember each folder's view settings ' as in Win XP is not an option for Win 7.