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  • Image - lost emails

    Hey All,

    I am currently trying to get my boss's laptop into working condition. He has a fairly new PC with an Intel i7 processor. This computer was extremely bogged down. After finding out that he only really wants his email and a clean computer, I had quick ideas to create a system image.

    The Image backup ran successfully, and then revert to factory settings and set up the computer. I completed and was seemingly successful in everything i wanted to do.

    The problem I am running into is that Mr Boss man is now telling me I lost all of his important emails. Saying that he had folders under his inbox that contained emails that were containing all his work in the last 2 years.

    I pulled the pst files from his computer. I copied and am using them. I did everything i could think of to prevent this from happening.

    Now my next move was to make an image of the new settings/computer and revert his computer to the old image, allowing me to properly export the folders and load the new image and load the folders. However, when i load the old image, the inbox folders are nowhere to be found, nor the emails he is looking for.

    I dont understand where they could be. Am i wrong to think that the original image i took should revert me to exactly as i was before, inbox folders and all?

    Please, any and all advice is appreciated! I am lost for words with the discomfort about this.

    Thank you

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    Re: Image - lost emails

    You shouldn't have to re-apply the old image to scan for the mail files. Assuming you have recorded the image as a WIM file, you can mount that image into a folder and browse thru it with Windows Explorer. Find your files, copy them out to wherever they need to be and job done.

    You'll need 3 things: the WIM file which is the image you captured; a single executable called imagex which you can get from the MS Windows automated Installation Kit (WAIK); and a hard drive with enough free space to hold the mounted image.

    Create a folder to mount the image into (C:\Mount, for example). Copy imagex.exe into the root of the same drive where the Mount folder is, for simplicity. Then run imagex from a cmd line: "imagex /mount D:\myimage.wim 1 C:\Mount". The 'D:\myimage.wim' will be the path and name of the WIM image you are trying to mount. Don't forget the '1', it refers to the index of the image info. A WIM file can contain more than one drive image, and each one is referenced by an index number. You've only captured the one, so the index is 1. Even tho there's only the one image, you have to provide that number in the command.

    You'll get a prompt that the image has been mounted. Open Explorer and navigate to C:\Mount (if that's where you mounted the image) and you should see all the folders from the previous install. Navigate around to find the OST and PST files for Outlook, there's no telling where they were. And copy them out to add to the current OS install of the laptop.
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      Re: Image - lost emails

      How is he getting his emails - Exchange or some other method (POP3/IMAP)?

      Have you checked for non-cached emails on the server?
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        Re: Image - lost emails

        Hi All,

        Thank you very much for your postings!! Over the long weekend it popped in my head that he had a habit of going to Internet Explorer when thinking email. So on the whim, I logged into his email. (Comcast through comcast's website) I was happy to see all the emails and folders he was talking about.

        RicklesP, Thank you for that explanation, for it is what i would have had to do. Also, Windows 8 has built in mounting abilities now through the disk management. I mounted to check because I was interested, and it worked! but I backed up the PST files even before taking the initial image.

        That being said, the issue was not finding the PST files. I wanted to revert to show him they were not there before because he was accusing me of losing his "Very important work from the past 2 years". Even after I tried to explain an Image does backup everything and that would not happen! I tried to explain they weren't on the image they were NOT there before you gave me the computer!

        Just wanted to update you all! Thank you for your time it is very appreciated!