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Mapping A Drive GPEDIT

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  • Mapping A Drive GPEDIT

    1st, if you write a script for when a user logs on, would it be under computer configuration, or user configuration


    how do you create a script for when a user logs on it maps a drive, what ext. do you name it, and where do you place it. I am assuming under User Configuration>Window Settings>Scripts


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    Re: Mapping A Drive GPEDIT

    Logon scripts are a user setting

    Assuming you are using an AD group policy, not a local policy:

    Open the GPO you want to modify
    Go to User Configuration, Policies, Windows Settings, Scripts

    Right click Logon Scripts, select properties then show files. This opens the folder for the GPO

    Save your script as .bat or .cmd then click the ADD button to add it to the processing list.
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      Re: Mapping A Drive GPEDIT

      Depending on the server version and domain functional level, you can assign drives using Group Policy directly, without having to use a script. Look under User Settings - Preferences. It'll be applied directly without CMD shell instructions being needed.
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        Re: Mapping A Drive GPEDIT

        Make sure the scripts point to a UNC path or else they will NOT work. Some dummy I know set up their scripts incorrectly the first time they did a GPO script and I never made that mistake again. Easy to miss first time round and then wonder why it doesn't work.
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          Re: Mapping A Drive GPEDIT

          To add to this, the Guest OS also needs to support Client Side Extensions and/or in some cases, have the relevant update applied to allow the support.


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            Re: Mapping A Drive GPEDIT

            LOL biggles 707, thanks

            I should have stated from the beginning, this is for non-domain accounts.

            Was thinking gpedit.msc

            user configuration>scripts