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  • User Shell Folder Location


    I have windows 7 Workstations attached to a SBS 2011 server. The Workstations previously had Outlook 2003 with local PST files. I have updated to Office 2013.

    Outlook 2013 can't open the PST file and create a Personal Folder in Outlook unless I change the User Shell Location in HKEY_CURRENT_USER - to C:\users\%username%\My Documents , its currently pointing to the network drive. Is there a way to change automatically change this?


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    Re: User Shell Folder Location

    Were the previous workstations also running XP with the Outlook 2003? Profile path info changed with Win 7 (don't know about vista, I avoided that like the Plague.) We had Office 2010 on XP machines without incident--Office will use the underlying OS path info, regardless.

    Your profile info has to change, per user. Depends on how you currently set your user profile info, tho. Do you use Roaming Profiles? Do you use Redirected Folders for your users? When we migrated from Server 2003 & XP to Server 2008R2/2012 & Win7, we manually migrated the user profile folders to the new names on our network server, and set all logins to point to Redirects for everything that could be. Details for setting Redirects can be found by searching for it in , but is done centrally thru Group Policy. Once set, it's done. Can't get much more automatic than that.
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