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Image/Backup on Windows7(64bit)

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  • Image/Backup on Windows7(64bit)

    Hi All,

    I am currently trying to backup my Windows 7 Machine via Windows 7 backup and restore.

    This server acts as a file server as well. (Z
    I am able to successfully backup the C:, the recovery, and the Z: drives.
    This is being backed up to my new Seagate 4TB hard drives. (I have 3 of them)

    I do use a proper backup software(backup exec), however the server running BE2010 has major issues when the 4TB hard drives are connected. Until i can figure that out issue, i wanted to set up a backup schedule in case of disk failure.

    My issues lie when i try for an Image backup.
    I want to make an image of the C: on the Seagate 4TB Drives

    I would like to use one of the hard drives for an Image, but when I try, I get the following errors

    One of the backup files could not be created. (0x8078002A)
    Additional Information:
    The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error. (0x8007045D)

    This error occurs in the beginning. after a minute or 2
    Preparing to create backup... 1 min or so
    Backing up System Reserved... 30 seconds or so

    The Backup Failed.. with the errors above - (0x8078002A) & (0x8007045D)

    With some research, I have found a few things that caught my eye.

    One explained that it was due to the Allocation size. saying that 4096 bytes is too large.

    I tested this by using my 500GB External Solid State drive. This is also formatted to use 4096 and I attempted the Image on this drive.
    This successfully ran and I now have an image on the SSD.

    **Please note**
    The 4TB SEAGATE HDD have 4096 as the smallest possible allocation size.
    The 500GB WD SSD has 512, 1024, and 2048 before 4096 and higher.

    Another solution i found was stating a possible corruption on the 4TB HDDs. I ran a chkdsk and found no errors. I then reformatted one of the drives and attempted again, only to get to the same Error.

    Summary of issue:
    I want to make an image of the C: on the Seagate 4TB Drives

    Any and all advice and opinions are welcome and appreciated!
    Thank you

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    Re: Image/Backup on Windows7(64bit)

    Alright, so I have found a workaround for this.

    I have been using a 3TB Western Digital HDD for our Prepress Image Data. I transferred the data to one of my 4TB Seagate HDDs.

    I am successfully creating my Image backups of the C: on the windows 7 machine, using the WD 3TB Drive.

    Western Digital has a utility - "WD Quick Formatter for Windows"

    This utility is used because Windows 7 cannot create and Image backup on new large HDDs.

    Western Digital is the only HDD provider that offers such a format tool to allow the image backups.

    Hope this helps someone somewhere!!

    Thank you