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Jungle Disk freeze with Windows 7

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  • Jungle Disk freeze with Windows 7

    Hello all,

    We have two PC's that are using the Jungle Disk software to share/backup files on the cloud.

    The files are mostly large video files and basically every time the user clicks on the video file inside the jungle disk shared folder the system freezes and it can take up to 30 minutes for everything to come back to normal.

    We contacted JD support and they told us to check a few settings in our AV product (Kaspersky 2013) which we did and the issue still persists (we even turned the AV off).

    I know that our affiliate overseas, with whom we share the files, has the same issue. When I click on folders or small files no hickups, but the moment I click on a 3GB video that is it.

    To test some more, we installed the Jungle Disk client on a Mac and created a share drive, no issues what so ever.

    I am thinking that maybe the way Windows gets info on a file (in the background) when the given file is selected, differs from how Mac does it hence our prolonged freeze.

    Would you have any ideas on how to fix this issue, or have you ran into this before?

    Thank You