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  • WSCSVC/MSE issues

    Hi all, OK this is what happened

    I plugged an old HDD into my PC so I disabled MSE real-time protection (to protect various VSTi and game cracks I have on that HDD)

    The problem is, I cant turn it back on.

    Now, MSE just flashes and wont stay on.

    Also, in the bottom right bar I have a message to turn on my Security Center (WSCSVC).

    I go to the Services window and found that Security Center (WSCSVC) is set to "disabled" (PS Microsoft Antimalware Service is working alright)

    I set it to "automatic" and start it again, but in 5 seconds it is getting auto disabled

    Also, since this happened I get constantly redirected on search engines (figures because my "shield" is gone)

    Ive searched far and wide on the internet for this issue (MSE flashes/ Security center cannot be started) but as far as I can tell, everyone is suggesting to check my PC for left-over anti malware/virus software, like that is the main option

    HOWEVER, I have never used anything but MSE, Malware Bytes and CCleaner, and I never had any problems and compatibility issues.

    PSS I never turn on Malware bytes real time protection so that shouldn't be interfering

    Any help is very much appreciated, many thanks and Ill gladly provide any additional system info

    Windows 7 Enterprise SP1
    4GB RAM

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    Re: WSCSVC/MSE issues

    Hi, update malwarebytes and install the below sophos rootkit removal tool, update them both.
    Boot to safemode using f8 at startup and then scan your computer for adware/malware/rootkits.
    when malwarebytes finishes it will produce a log, attach the .txt file to your reply.
    Also which site are you been redirected to? Typically you will see new entries in programs & features that the malware put in, finding and googling these will sometimes help with removal as there may be a specific tool to remove your infection.

    Sophos. Remove rootkits, free Virus Removal Tool
    I have had success with this in the past.

    MSE is very basic and doesn't seem to get good detection results. There are more free 3rd party av's out there that will do a better job. I would usually recommend Free AVG
    Please remember to award reputation points if you have received good advice.
    I do tend to think 'outside the box' so others may not always share the same views.

    MCITP -W7,
    MCSA+Messaging, CCENT, ICND2 slowly getting around to.