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Uninstallation software after remove owner user

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  • Uninstallation software after remove owner user

    Hi all from Verona (Italy),
    and thanks if anyone can help me.
    I have a problem regarding the uninstallation of some program such as Ibm iAccess, or OpenOffice for example.
    I have deployed a reference computer with Windows 7 pro, and a lot of programs used very often by our company's user (this programs were installed with a standard user).
    The image token by reference computer by True Image, was applyed to several computer deployed by WDS, using a wim image.
    After to have applyed the image to the client, I done sysprep /generalize /oobe, join to domain, create user, and configured user's settings.
    At this time I can't uninstall some program with whatever user, also with Domain Administrator.
    I suppose that the problem is due to the SID of the user that install the programs, that is no more exist.
    Does anyone know how solve my problem?

    Thanks to all.

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    Re: Uninstallation software after remove owner user

    have you tried reinstalling the program and uninstalling it? pain in the butt for a large number of computers, but an option...

    Windows Installer Cleanup Utility may help. its free.

    how bout using the uninstaller for the program?

    there are 3rd party applications that might help. i hate to have to resort to a 3rd party solution, but sometimes you gotta do work. revo makes a free tool to uninstall stuff that might be useful...

    i would like to see permissions and owners of the files in question... the admin account should be able to remove anything that has been installed by anyone at anytime.

    best of luck!
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      Re: Uninstallation software after remove owner user

      Hi, I would try Revo Uninstaller, Its free, I have used it many times with success. I am not sure if it will help with your specific issue. But definately worth a shot.
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        Re: Uninstallation software after remove owner user

        Thank you guys for help. I've tested your ways but I don't achieve the result I want... I have opened a ticket to Microsoft, and they told me that that the best way to proceed is to create a script that permit to recreate the link with the installation files of the user that no more exist, to the administrator user.
        I hope that this will be the solutions for the problem!

        Thansk all!