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WMP & Windows Repair

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  • WMP & Windows Repair

    Please how do I persuade Win 7 WMP to remember the size of the video playing window, instead of showing in the tiny Windows next time again needing enlarging?

    What use is the Win 7 Windows Repair, if after taking ages to check for problems like failing to start-up, it never seems to find any solutions, and it seems impossible to get Cancel to abort it. Why does neither it or Defrags ever seem to detect if a file is corrupted to advise the use of CHKDSK?


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    Re: WMP & Windows Repair

    1. Try this

    This has been bugging me for a while now, I like to watch several videos one after another and I don't want to resize the window every time.

    This worked for me on W7RC1 and W7RTM
    1-Open media player in library view from the icon on the task bar
    2-adjust size if you want
    3-click the switch to now playing icon in the lower right of the screen
    4-adjust the size of the window
    5-right click go to view-video size-check fit player to video on resize and uncheck fit player to video
    6-switch to library view from icon in upper left
    Now the next time you click on a video it will open the now playing screen in the size that you had and for evey video after that.

    From post #29

    2. The startup repair is exactly that it checks to make sure you system is starting correctly. The chkdsk issue, i'm not exactly sure what your asking. Defrag is not for checking files and adviseing if it is corrupt. It just moves files iso they are not defragged. CHKDSK will check for corrupted files but only if they are in a block that is failing.

    Windows Defrag -

    Windows chkdsk -