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Unable to print from a network printer

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  • Unable to print from a network printer

    I have a windows 7 Professional machine which is setup with an HP LaserJet 1020 printer on my network and is shared so that other computers on the network can print to it.

    I am having trouble printing to it from all other machines on the network. It appears that connectivity is fine as I can successfully print test pages from these machines but when trying to print from programs like Microsoft Excel it displays the message that the print job has been sent but nothing comes out.

    I have checked and re-installed the print drivers, restarted the print spooler and tried printing from different programs and machines but with the same result. The machines I'm trying to print from run either Windows XP or 7.

    Could anyone explain what the problem might be and how best to resolve it?

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    Re: Unable to print from a network printer

    Since you didn't specify, I'm assuming this isn't domain-related.

    First, make certain you can print from applications like Excel, etc., from the Win 7 Pro PC that the printer is locally plugged in to. This way you know that the drivers work in Win7, and that Office components are happy with it and the print spooler. If not, fix that first.

    Next, verify the share perms are set to Everyone-Full Control, and NTFS (security) perms for All Users - Print.

    As a minimum, this should allow all users to print. Make sure your local Win7 PC firewall isn't getting in the way. Since test pages work you wouldn't think so, but for testing you may as well turn it off.

    If a network client can print test pages but not anything complex, it may have something to do with the amount of data being spooled. With the local PC firewall off, try again from a network client with a simple text file first, then a PDF and finally something from and Office app. If they all work, turn the local PC firewall back on and start over. If behavior changes, the firewall is affecting the spooler communication, either by port or data limits.
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      Re: Unable to print from a network printer

      Is this computer also used to share data? It may be that you have reach the limit for the number of concurrent connections.

      How many people need to connect to this printer?
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