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Corrupt Folder dissapears after chkdsk

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  • Corrupt Folder dissapears after chkdsk

    Hi all

    I received a message that a large folder I use is corrupt. I rebooted and still corrupt. I ran chkdsk /f and now the folder is not visible at all but if i search for the folder windows does show its contents.

    Even from an admin dos prompt cant see the folder.

    This was a large folder and its contents are seem to still count towards hard disk space even though i can use this folder.

    When I search the folder its contents are displayed but when i click on a file it says the file cant be located. I cant even delete these files!!

    I can find any .chk files other than 5 very small ones. and this folder is a few hundred gigs in size

    Anyone else encounter such a shambles? How can I make thses file usable again.


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    Re: Corrupt Folder dissapears after chkdsk

    I hope you have backups

    Start looking at specialist data recovery tools, and do not do anything that might overwrite content on the drive
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      Re: Corrupt Folder dissapears after chkdsk

      As it happens I do have a backup. However I cant restore the files as its says there is not enough room on the disk.

      According to windows the files still exist in that they still occupy disk space

      So the files take up disk space but I can delete them or use them. I can only see them if I use the search function to find the study folder then it shows the contents of the study folder.

      The study folder however does not exist in windows explorer. I cant use, delete or restore these files.


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        Re: Corrupt Folder dissapears after chkdsk

        Ok seems I solved this one

        There was a folder on the drive called dir0000.chk and it contains the files which are in working order.

        Strange I searched the drive for .chk files prior and it didn't show this folder.

        Thanks all