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icacls tool - removing authenticated users "special" permission from C:

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  • icacls tool - removing authenticated users "special" permission from C:

    I have an issue with a computer on our corporate domain - I need to remove the "Authenticated Users - Special" permission from the root of the C: drive.

    I have tried taking ownership, deleting the permission, etc, but I am denied the ability to do so.

    Searching online, it seems the icacls tool may be a solution to help change/remove this permission. However, I'm a novice at this, and need some help with the proper syntax.

    I need to keep the Authenticated Users - Create folders permission. I only need to delete the special permission.

    I'm open to any other ways this could be accomplished.


    Edit: some background - the software vendors instructions indicated I needed to delete the special permission before any other software is installed. Does anyone know the effect removing the special permission may have post software installation?

    The intent here is that users logging onto the system do not have the ability to save files locally on the PC. The software installed users a special application account which has full rights on the PC. When users save a file in the software, on the local PC drive, then they shouldn't have the right to then modify that file with their own account they logged into the PC with. Hope this makes sense...
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