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Unable to set offline folders in Win 7

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  • Unable to set offline folders in Win 7

    I had set offline folders on the network share previously.
    A month ago, the network share has been changed to another server.

    I am unable to remove the offline folders.
    Please see Pic_1.
    No matter how many times i click on Delete Offline Copy, it always stay in sync.

    I am also unable to set "Always available offline".
    The function is not available.
    Please see Pic_2.

    Any idea to resolve this?
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    Re: Unable to set offline folders in Win 7

    possibly the permissions for the network share have changed?

    behind that, i will shoot you a link to something that may help. be sure to read the whole article and not just the 'accepted' answer, as the poster leaves out some important details that would probably ruin your day...

    Cannot Remove Offline Files from Sync Center
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