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HELP About Remote Bug or something

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  • HELP About Remote Bug or something

    I have weird bug or i dont know how that called... but its going like that :

    I have two computers.

    Laptop Windows 7 Pro 64bit from Remote.

    Desktop Windows 7 Pro 64bit Remoted

    I tried to Remote from my Laptop to The Desktop and all the programs and all the things was opened now they closed when i remoted.

    from any computer i tried to remote to the Desktop Computer and i had the same problem like i did before with the laptop.

    someone know?

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    Re: HELP About Remote Bug or something

    As far as i'm aware when you remote desktop to any system unless you logon as the current logged on user the system will automatically log them off.

    This is by design and has been happening since, well since forever I would guess.


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      Re: HELP About Remote Bug or something

      Have you set the remote desktop system property at control panel?