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Fixing Windows 7 with in place setup problem

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  • Fixing Windows 7 with in place setup problem


    I've been trying to to fix a problem I encounter on my laptop by re installing the operating system (W7 ultimate). After choosing the upgrade option I get a message telling to replace the media as Windows started to use another one (That ain't the syntax but the concept of the message).

    To overcome the problem, I tried upgrading to windows 8 with a compatible version for the already existing system. I also tried to find where does the system keeps the information regarding that previous attempt to setup the operating system, including editing some registry keys.

    Can anybody please tell what has to be done so that I will be able to proceed with setup? In addition, should I slipstream the installation disk for the a case that SP1 has been already installed on target machine ?



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    Re: Fixing Windows 7 with in place setup problem

    You don't really explain what the message actually says. Is this the message that is displayed saying that a newer version of the setup files are available?

    I recently upgraded a Win7 home PC to Win7 Pro - it said it could not do it, and gave me the option to create a new installation. During that it downloaded the latest setup files and then successfully installed the new OS. Are you connected to the Internet when upgrading?

    You also say you are reinstalling to fix a problem - what was your problem? This may be a factor in why the upgrade fails.

    And, you don't say what happened when you tried to upgrade to Win8 - what error messages did you receive?

    You may be better off retrieving your data from the drive, reformatting it and doing a clean install - probably quicker than trying to fix what may by now be a very difficult problem.
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